I submit not! The recent tragic events at Marikana underscore the fact that all the stakeholders including the HR ‘profession’ must bear some responsibility for what happened...Read More




A cocktail function was held to launch the rebranding of Rubiq, a Kloof-based international human resources company.... Read More


(15 July 2014) “Bargaining Council for the Construction industry
Government's desire to establish a Bargaining Council for the Construction industry is sheer folly: centralised bargaining is not a ' one size shoe fits all' to our IR and collective bargaining realities and challenges. Like the Metal/Engineering industry, the Construction and Civil Engineering industry have a few major players and hundreds of small businesses and 8 or so unions, unlike e.g. the sugar industry where one has 3 or 4 sugar producers of approximate size etc and 2 or so unions (where centralised bargaining may be appropriate).”

(09 July 2014)
“Unless one measures every activity in an organisation, one can’t control it, let alone improve it. RUBIQ has a range of value-adding proprietary assessment and survey tools to assist organisations to improve the departmental functions as well as the entire organisation. Our SurveyDoctor, HRDoctor, BusinessDoctor, DecisionMaker  are some of our service offerings that really work! Visit our website for more information”

(02 July 2014)
“Would a single graphic be helpful to reflect the health of the organisation? Often reviews, assessments, evaluations and swot analyses are just plain complex voluminous and perhaps even confusing. If so, contact RUBIQ (via our website or 031 - 7670608) to learn more about the Business Doctor which is a user-friendly tool to depict with just one graphic, what  improvements should be made to nurse the organisation back to health. Peter”

(30 June 2014)
"How effective is your HR Function? How does it align with the Business Strategy? Are you internal clients satisfied with HR's contribution? Well, there is only one way to find out and that is to measure it; the premise being, if you don't measure it, you cant improve it! RUBIQ has the tools and process to measure the effectiveness of HR Departments. Click on our website or call us on +27 (0) 31 767 0608 or +27 (0)76 413 4575"

(20 June 2014) "The insightful article by Gavin Hartford in today’s Business Day (18th June) says it so comprehensively and soundly. His insights are in line with my own views published in the People Dynamics journal a few weeks after Marikana (Oct 2012.Vol30.No 10). It is now all about bridging the 'trust deficit' as a business imperative and RUBIQ Consulting ( 031 7670608 ) has a RIFT Process (Relationship Improvement and Facilitating Trust) designed to heal the rifts in relationships both post - and pre-strikes (in the latter case as a pre-emptive risk management intervention)"


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